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By Gardner F. Fox, John Brunner

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Required only to pay a token tribute in submission, required—" "—to be slaves! " There was the sound of a blow and Bran stirred deep inside him with a searing fury. Gron Dhu rasped, "Take her away. To the tower. The other—to the cells below. " Feet shuffled. " A hand fumbled and Peganna cried out. Gron Dhu asked softly, "This blue egg you carry, sister mine—what is it? Oh, I can tell from your face it's priceless enough. But—how? " She made no answer. In a moment there was the sound of another blow.

He did not know what the darkness was, though he suspected it was an as yet unknown-to-mankind form of trans-spatial energy. It was everywhere in that black dimensional-continuum and as soon as an animate or inanimate object came within its mutronic flow, he or it was borne elsewhere by its current. Somehow, the Crenn Lir had discovered that odd type of energy and learned to control it. He himself had been on upward of sixty dead planets which once had formed the star empire of the Crenn Lir, but he always felt that he had only set foot on a small number of their worlds.

Bran Magannon got off Makkador without a spaceship. Do you understand that? " Alvar Drexel shook his head. "No, no. He has some other way of traveling. He came to Makkador without a spaceship. He left it the same way. Gods! What I'd give to learn how he did it. Teleportation? " He gestured at the window through which the red ball of a star-sun could be seen. "Were this a younger world, it would suit the Lyanir, but it's old —old. Worn out! Drained of its ancient metals, its chemicals, its loams and vegetation.

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