New PDF release: Aquifer Restoration: State of the Art (Pollution Technology

By R.C. Knox

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ISBN-13: 9780815516231

An intensive assessment of applied sciences used to revive infected aquifers.

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The major section of this chapter addresses physical control preventing/minimizing measures such as veIl liners, and physical and the interceptor contaiument occurrence of ground vater systems, barriers surface capping and such as sheet piling, grouting, and slurry valls. easures are primarily useful as preventive measures. The measures enumerated herein viII be most useful to those groups vho are interested in protecting ground vater resources. measures include regional ground vater management control strategies, zoning, land effluent Institutional districts, charges/credits, source aquifer standards, and guidelines.

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By iterating through the selection 16 Aquifer Restoration process, measures can be refined in order to minimize design flaws which may go undetected in the subsurface environment. Selection of • single aquifer restoration strategy from a list of alternative measures requires balanced consideration of the economic, envirol1lllental and risk implications of each alternative. In evaluating the economics of a remedial measure it is important to include all costs and to convert evaluations all should costs to recognize a any c~on time period.

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