Ancient Rhetorical Theories of Simile and Comparison (Loeb by Marsh H. McCall Jr. PDF

By Marsh H. McCall Jr.

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7TapaßoATJ and €lKWV are his two essential terms of comparison. I Two of the several appearances of 7TapaßoA~ occur in important and similar contexts. Of these the longer and more detailed, and therefore the more significant, is in Book II of the Rhetoric. The first two books of the Rhetoric are concemed with subject matter (€VP€GLS) , more particularly with argument and proof. Chapter 19 of Book II lays down some generallines of argument (KOWO;' T67TOL), and chapter 20 moves on to general means of persuasion (KoLva;' 7TtGT€LS):2 I dfLOlwUIS occurs once in the Aristotelian corpus (H.

His opening paragraph certainly seemed to defme simile, but the examples of €lKwv for which the original wording can be checked suggest that not merely simile but stylistic comparisons in general are Aristotle's subject. The inexactness of his citations indicates that he did not have a text of the Republic in front of him; therefore it is possible to argue that through faulty memory he may have thought each of the Platonic examples to be, like the Homeric passage, a simile in form. It seems more plausible that Aristotle was well aware of the varying form ofhis Platonie examples, and that a similar variety would be found in the other examples were their original contexts available.

It is closely associated with av,rl8EalS (antithesis) and 7Tuptawals (even balancing of dauses). 1410a24-2S and in Dionysius of Halicarnassus Lysias 14 and Isocrates 2. In the Rhetorica ad Alexandrum, however, the term appears to bear the meaning "parallel" and refers to two similes. Chapters 7-13 of the treatise deal with direct proofs such as probabilities, examples, tokens, enthymemes, maxin"ls, signs, and refutations. Maxims (yvw/Lat) are drawn from the peculiar nature of a case (€K 'Tfjs lötus 4>vaEWS) , from hyperbole (€g V7TEpßOAfjS) , or €K 7Tapo/LOtdJaEws.

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