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By Jacquelyn Frank

ISBN-10: 142012546X

ISBN-13: 9781420125467

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Powerful magics that once upon an age had been seen as biblical events, and perhaps still were. Suddenly Ruth got hold of the hem of Leah’s dress and immediately fisted the material into her fingers, pulling her toward the narrow spot between the boulders she had escaped through. Desperate and panicked, Leah did the first thing that came to her mind. She grabbed hold of Ruth’s forearm, opened her mouth, and did some biting of her own. She did it as savagely and viciously as she had seen the Vampire do, taking great satisfaction in Ruth’s surprised screech and her immediate withdrawal.

Surely you can think of—” Suddenly the Demon/Vampire team went still, both tilting their heads as they sensed the approach of another. “We had better go,” the Vampire said, using a sleeve to wipe at his mouth. It did little good. He was saturated with the blood of Leah’s mother, and it was smeared and splashed all over his face, arms, and shirt. ” He flicked fingers dismissively at Bella. ” Ruth couldn’t argue with that. Instinct told her that whoever was coming was very, very powerful and would be fresh and not battle weary.

She instantly dropped down into the chute of the tunnel being burrowed through the soil, her husband sliding swiftly beside her as they fell. Even though she could see and hear the rumble of clean fill collapsing above their heads almost as fast as they fell, she was not intimidated. On the contrary, she was relieved. The monsters above them could never catch them now. It was all Jacob; every grain and every pebble being manipulated around them was under her husband’s artful command. He was the most powerful Earth Demon alive.

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Adam by Jacquelyn Frank

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